About Us

Quality Assurance Department (QAD) was established in 24th February 2015 by a presidential decree as a Department under the Ministry of Education. The department is mandated to set quality standards, and to monitor the quality of education in Maldives. QAD is committed to assuring educational excellence for all Maldivians.

QAD's roles are:

  • To ensure the quality of education provided at all levels of education in Maldives;
  • Conducting national assessment of learning objectives at K-12 schools;
  • Conducting research for educational quality improvement;
  • Set teachers’ code of conduct and ensure adherence ; and
  • Facilitating teacher’s registration for K-12 schools in Maldives.

QAD's structure

The overall functions of QAD can be divided in to major 3 sections. They are:

  • School Review and Institutional Monitoring Section;
  • Research and Assessment Section;
  • Teacher Registration and Administration Section.